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Blessed Lanuinus
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Roman Calendar : April 14
Carthusian Calendar : October 13

Also known as: Lanuin

Lanuinus,a disciple and companion of St. Bruno, followed him in Calabria, where he succeeded him as prior of the Charterhouse that the saint had founded in the locality of La Torre, today Santa Maria del Bosco, in the diocese of Squillace, today in the commune of Serra San Bruno. He was nominated apostolic visitor of all the monastic houses in Calabria. He belonged to the Norman nobility. He was an architect and he projected the Charterhouse of St. Stephen and other edifices of the Order. The sculptor thus portrayed him with a drawing in his hand and with in the background the locality of Santa Maria, first Carthusian site, on one side, and the Charterhouse of St. Stephen on the other. He died April 11, 1120 and was buried in Saint Bruno's tomb. His cult was confirmed in 1893.

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