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Carthusian Calendar: August 5

We commemorate several other Carthusians killed because of their loyalty to the faith and the Church:
* other Carthusians, victems of the French Revolution, not yet beatified
* the Carthusians of Prague, killed by Hussites in 1421
* Dom Justus van Schoonhoven, sacristan of the Charterhouse of Delft, martyred by Calvinist, in 1572
* the monks of the Charterhouse of Roermond, also martyred by Calvinist, in 1572
* the Prior and a donate brother of Montalegre, killed in Barcelona during the Spanish civil war, in 1936
* the twelve Carthusians of Farneta, near the city of Lucca, Italy, shot by a contingent of SS Nazis because they had given refuge to Jews and Italian partisans on the 'wanted list' of the German army, in 1944.

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