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Saints, Blesseds and Martyrs
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Saint Anthelm

Saint Artold

Saint Bruno

Saint Hugh of Grenoble

Saint Hugh of Lincoln

Saint Roseline of Villeneuve

Saint Stephen of Chatillon


Blessed Ayrald

Blessed Beatrice d'Ornacieux

Blessed Boniface of Savy

Blessed Dionysius of Rijkel

Blessed John the Spaniard

Blessed Lanuinus

Blessed Marguerite d'Oingt

Blessed Nicholas Albergati

Blessed Odo of Navaro

Blessed Peter Petroni

Blessed William of Fenogilo


Saint Augustine Webster

Saint John Houghton

Saint Robert Lawrence

Blessed Carthusian - England

Blessed Carthusian - France

Carthusians Martyred


The Seven Martyred Monks of Atlas


The Observant Friar Martyrs of Greenwich

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